Our Projects


This initiative started to provide help in challenging time of Covid-19 to the people. With this initiative we provide food to needy people especially poor, elderly, children, migrant workers, homeless, and people without job in lockdown. With aim of fighting corona we make aware public, through creative means, about keeping proper physical distance, and taking care about all other precautions especially where people are gathering frequently like Banks, ATMs, Market place, food camps, night shelters, outside factories etc. We also make people aware about Arogya Setu App and help them download it and use its features.


Sociwind Foundation are taking an initiative to educate the people about “Endometriosis” in order to increase their knowledge about this disease. As we know, Endometriosis is an often painful disorder in which tissue that normally lines the inside of your uterus — the endometrium — grows outside your uterus. It is important for the people to understand, how serious is this disease can be. Sociwind Foundation has started conducting this campaign, in New Delhi to tell people about the myths and misconceptions about this disease. This disease has same condition as a CANCER patient deal with but this disease has NO CURE. There is no specialized doctor available and very limited research has been done on this topic.

HEALTHY SCHOOLS, HEALTHY CHILDREN !! (स्वस्थ विद्यालय, स्वस्थ बच्चे!!)

The motive behind starting this project was to increase children’s knowledge about the benefits of Moral Values and to foster their physical, mental, social and intellectual development. As we know, Moral education influence how students think, feel, and act regarding issues of right and wrong. So, this project will not only teach students about values but make students understand about the importance of these values, how to imbibe & practice it in their daily routine work. How to keep themselves motivated in practicing these essential units in their life and give a new meaning to it.

AK KADAM, SHIKSHA KI AUR !! (एक कदम, शिक्षा की और !!)

This project started in order to increase children’s knowledge about the benefits of Education and their importance in their all-round development. As we know, education is the only valuable asset humans can achieve. Education means acquiring various skills in diverse fields that are vital to our life and very existence.

sunday school


This project is an initiation towards the time of Covid-19 where children from deprived sections struggle with their academic learning. Sociwind Foundation brings a new concept of “Sunday School” to help them inculcate the skills which are requisite for a child’s overall development.


The need of this project is to increase children’s knowledge about the benefits of personal hygiene and to foster their healthy development. As we know, Every day, we come into contact with millions of outside germs and viruses. They can linger on our body, and in some cases, they may make us sick. Personal hygiene practices can help us and the people around us prevent illnesses. Importance of different personal hygiene like Toilet hygiene, Shower hygiene, Nail hygiene, Teeth hygiene, Sickness hygiene, Hands hygiene, etc… for building good hygiene habits are essential for children.